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Where do I start? Are potential clients interested in “the real me” the wife, step-mum of 2 beautiful girls, the dog lover and world traveller or the professional me, the Loughborough University graduate at 39 years old?

Truth is I am both of these people and now at the age of 40 I’m starting a business. A business that will bring together my 26 years of working in the health and social care sector 15 of which have been in the NHS.

where it all began...

So, 10 years ago when I was given the opportunity to train as a manual handling trainer I jumped at the chance.
This enabled me to work in a field I was interested in and an area I could make a difference for both my colleagues and the patients we were caring for. The chance to improve safety, promote independence and ensure that all the patients I came into contact with were treated with the highest level of dignity and respect.

looking to the future...

I have worked alongside many multidisciplinary teams over the years and can honestly say I have learnt something from all of them. Most recently I added a qualification to enable me to teach manual / patient handing to staff working with children with complex needs, a great challenge but an area that is filled with joy. This has led to another leap in my professional journey and this year (2023) I am presenting for the 1 st time at the National Back Exchange Conference (NBE). A conference for my peers where we share best practice and learn from one another.

The work with NBE has influenced so many of the projects I’ve
completed and I have received recognition from peers by being voted to chair the local East Midlands Back Exchange Group.

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